What is the Powerteam
Entrepreneur Workshop? 

What you will learn about at the Powerteam Entrepreneur Workshop
What is Social Business 3.0
How to build a socially conscious sustainable business
The path to building your life time Legacy  
How to become part of a Social Movement for Social Good 
How you can partner with the Ultra-Successful
How you can build a new stream of 24/7 income by leveraging one of the hottest new trends in the marketplace.
How to Build your List your make money on your Passion! 

VIP Bonus session:
Powerteam International will offer an Advanced Business Building Strategy Session for local entrepreneurs & Small Business owners

When you attend this event you will learn about "5 Keys required to build a successful business in today's challenging economy."

You will leave with great concepts on how become an inspiring leader, utilize great systems and become 100% laser focused and organized!

How to Win the Game of Business

You will also be able to network with many successful people from various backgrounds and also share your business and expertise with our clients. Come and meet some amazing local leaders.

< 3 Tracks of Learning />

The 3 Tracks of learning at this event are the following Breakthroughs:
Advanced Business Growth Strategies - Caused Based Marketing
Residual Income Building 
Social Good Empowerment 
Plus, as a bonus, you will have the opportunity to learn about new ways to generate
income for your Business in today's global economy!

Residual Income

> Success Plan
> Social Business 3.0
> Marketing System
> Give Back Model
> Leadership
> Global Recognition
> Feed the World Program
> Recognition
> Team Building

Social Good

> Social Good Training
> Support Global Needs
> Become Ambassador4:Good
> Make Kindness - Global Habit
> Global Leader Network
> Caused Based Marketing Strategies for your Business
How to become Significant

Business Growth

> Turn Passion into Income
 > Advanced Marketing tips
 > Keys to Partner Up
> How to 10X your leads
>How to Build Great Teams
> Internet & Social Media Training
>Empower your "WHY"

< Event Schedule />

Upcoming Events

Friday, Decemer 9th
8:00AM - 11:30AM
Atlanta, GA